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Staining of brickwork can be caused by many factors such as bad site practices, vandalism/graffiti, penetrating damp, algae and plant growth to name a few. In newly completed brickwork it is often necessary to clean brickwork from staining such as mortar stains, lime leaching, efflorescence, dust and dirt occurred from general site practices. 


Brick Aid has many years experience in removing these various stains from brickwork using water jet washing and chemical based treatments. 


Existing brickwork will take a similar approach but will often have many other forms of staining such as paint, plant or algae growth, dirt, grime and soot incurred over time each which will require a specific treatment to remove.


Paint and Graffiti is removed with similar methods as above but hot water is often used rather than cold. Depending on the saturation of the staining brick tinting may be necessary to disguise the ‘ghost stain’ that may be present after cleaning.


If penetrating damp has been witnessed for a long period of time it is recommended that this is left to thoroughly dry out prior to any cleaning treatment to allow any salts or residue within the brick to surface.

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